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AWS's primary goal is to provide Custom Cloud and Enterprise Solutions through:

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A global pioneer in database-managed systems, SRE, infrastructure, InfoSec, SecOps DevOps and IT Operations and development in general. Lucrortech. With more than 20 years of expertise and a track record of success as a partner to multinational corporations, Lucrortech offers perfectly tailored IT solutions to support the dynamic organizations of our clients. To assist each client in creating and putting into practice the finest solutions to meet their business needs, our people, processes, and technology work in unison with them. Together, we assist our clients in becoming more proactive in creating competitive IT advantages as well as more responsive to the rapidly changing IT demands of today. In consulting and architecture in multi-platform and multi-vendor environments, Lucrortech has demonstrated knowledge and strength.

Modern technologies including Unix/Linux, software development, NoSQL Database Services, SQL, network, security, and more are integrated into our services. We are experts in all four cloud computing platforms—AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and Microsoft Azure—as well as in the major Microsoft and Oracle database technologies. We are enthusiastic about the future of data management and are redefining conventional managed services, in order to accomplish our objective of being a proactive service provider rather than a reactive one.




Thousands of businesses and companies are switching to Linux as their primary choice. In fact, Linux server administration is constantly needed, and since Linux-managed services are rather pricey, the program's high cost cannot be justified. Finding and keeping skilled system administrators is difficult. But we are here to help. With our 20+ years of expertise in UNIX and Linux platforms.

Software Development

Software Development

We provide a range of services, including software development. As a software development company, we place a strong focus on merging hardware and software to provide a synergy that effectively integrates, optimizes, and streamlines your business processes, boosting productivity. We developed LIMS systems for Laboratories, Matching platforms for Care givers and Care seekers, Pyramid and other programs for Sports, Plyometrics and Kinesiology.

NoSQL Database Services

NoSQL Database Services

When people refer to a "NoSQL database," they typically mean any non-relational database. It's a common misconception that NoSQL databases usually referred to as non-relational databases, can't store relationship data. NoSQL databases can hold relationship data. We have over 8 years ove experience with NoSQL databases including MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra, Neo4J and in-memory database Redis.



We have been a leader in database managed services for 20 years, and we continue to be experts in all four cloud platforms—AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and Microsoft Azure — as well as key database technologies from Oracle and Microsoft. We are enthusiastic about the future of data management and are redefining conventional managed services, in order to accomplish our objective of being a proactive service provider rather than a reactive one. As consultants in technology, we are equally comfortable upgrading an established database infrastructure or building one from scratch.



Lucrortech can help make your network more secure, reliable, scalable and robust while reducing IT costs. We provide network monitoring and management services to avoid downtime and get alerted immediately. We provide predicative failure monitoring and alerting on all of your network devices and KVMS, Hypervisers and VMs. Our probes do auto discovery, inventory and alerting to collect granular details of all devices on your networks. Auto-classification and assignment makes asset inventory a breeze.



Lucrortech provides cloud and on-prem cyber security, threat intelligence, pen testing, digital forensics, cyber incident response planning and handling including breach response and resolution all delivered as cyber security as a service (SaaS).

We steer and support
our clients' cloud

The cloud journey is different for every company. To be successful in your transformation, you must visualize your ideal target state, assess your readiness for the cloud, and use an agile method to close any gaps. You can count on us for assistance.

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We Develop Successful
Platform-Based Business Practices
That Expand Your Business.

See how our team of web designers and developers worked with Laboratories to create a LIMS system that is well beyond a LIMS system that gives an immense RoI to the clients.

We Develop Successful Platform-Based Business Practices That Expand Your Business.

By Design, Lucrortech Creates
Engaging Digital Experiences for
Your Customers.

An online resource called Senior Care Online connects elderly people with caregivers. They use our services, including web development and UX/UI design, and we created an excellent, easily navigable design for their targeted users. They can reach more senior citizens and caregivers who are looking for these services but were not aware they were available thanks to our digital marketing solution. We are fully integrated with “on the fly” background checks at various levels depending on what level the client is comfortable with.

By Design, Lucrortech Creates Engaging Digital Experiences for Your Customers.

A Quick Glimpse: MILESTONES

Lucrortech has quickly evolved from a service company to a full-fledged provider of technology solutions. We're
determined to challenge every accepted theory as we move into the future and develop fresh approaches to
how businesses can leverage technology.


Collaboration with Major Cloud Service Providers

We developed a line of HR technology products using BuzzTAQ and BuzzHRMS. expanded clientele in the public sector and received Enterprise awards for IT staffing. New programs comprise cloud migration across several platforms and independent cloud assessments. Databases, applications, middleware, and a seamless, round-the-clock infrastructure support model.


Move into Public Sector

In the last few years, Lucrortech has been moving into the public sector. We are now working with a number of public agencies and government departments to deliver digital services.


Set Foot into Creating Cloud-Based Enterprise Applications

As the world moves towards a more mobile and digital age, we see a need for more cloud-based enterprise apps. These apps are used by businesses to provide their employees with the tools they need to do their jobs. So, we decided to specialize in building these cloud-based enterprise apps.


Accepted as an Oracle Cloud Standard Partner.

For more than 20 years, Oracle has been developing cloud technology. For Business, Oracle has been offering infrastructure as a service and software as a service. To assist clients in staying ahead of the curve on all fronts, they have also been investing in cutting-edge technology. One such recent investment was with our business; after passing their demanding qualification process, we were accepted as an Oracle Cloud Standard Partner.


Expanded Globally

The company expanded globally by opening up new offices in different parts of the world. The company's expansion strategy is to hire people from all over the world and relocate them to their new office. This gives them a diverse workforce and ensures that they are not limited by geographical location.


Oracle Gold Partner

The company is an Oracle Gold Partner with a strong understanding of the Oracle Database. The team has extensive experience in the IT industry, including analytics, BI, ERP, and cloud computing.



The company was incorporated as a Company in 2014.

Cross Platform Expertise

Our vertical aligned cross platform expertise helps our clients to choose the best cloud solutions to suit their needs.